Like the word itself, Catalysis is a term describing a process in which the rate of/or the outcome of the reaction is influenced by the presence of a substance, i.e. Catalyst. Catalysis is an aspiring Architecture/BIM studio prospering to build an environment of delivering service of utmost quality competing with global standards. ‘Catalysis studios’ is a Surat-based firm in Gujarat, India; operating as an A/E/C industry service provider, specialized in offering Architectural services to increase your firm’s productivity by lending our services as a remote staff helping you in chasing deadlines and increasing profitability. Our aim is to be the most useful, reliable, and efficient service provider in the Architectural/BIM industry.

Our team consists of Architects, Engineers, and Creative 3D Visualizer; who have excellent expertise in there respective fields and have a collective experience of more than 20 years. Each member is well equipped to provide quality services in Architectural as well as BIM services. 

Each member contributes unique ideas to our fast-paced initiatives and works in partnership with leadership to realize their potential. Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field.


Together, we make sure you’re investing where the best returns are while building loyalty across every touchpoint.

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  • We deliver a sample/trial project to start with so that we can deliver you the assurance of quality, once you are assured we move ahead with the project.

  • We set a client orientation meeting to get an idea and to know the scope of work.

  • We study your sample projects.

  • Provide you with updated work with a required format.

  • Scope of correcting markup drawings to deliver a promised quality content.